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The Master of Business Administration is a degree that can create managers and allow existing managers to further improve themselves. As such it is vital to obtain the MBA from a reputed university which delivers not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience that is relevant to the business practices at present.
Introduced in 2005, the 2 year MBA degree programme offered by the Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at the University of Kelaniya has completed 7 batches and the 8th batch is currently nearing its completion. Designed with the feedback obtained from industry experts and reputed organizations, the curriculum is tailored to meet the industry expectations.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, Mr. S. C. Thushara, coordinator of the MBA programme went on to explain about the degree programme in detail.

The 2 year degree programme will be conducted during the weekends. In addition to the regular lectures, students will be required to attend workshops to develop their soft skills, training programs, guest lectures conducted by industry experts and outbound training programs to improve leadership skills and team building exercises.

Mr. Thushara also went on to say that the students will attend a one week overseas tour, where the students will visit a business organization in the Asian region and observe Asian business practices. They will also interact with the managers and attend lectures by the country’s prominent academics. There will not be any additional charges for the tour as it is included in the tuition fee.

Starting from last year, the programme welcomes students from overseas, allowing the Sri Lankan students with an opportunity to interact with foreign students and familiarize themselves with different cultures.

The MBA programme is designed for middle and senior level managers, despite their previous educational backgrounds. The programme offers specializations in major areas such as Commerce, Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Business Technology and Human Resource Management. During the 1st year, the students will be studying common subjects. The students will select whether they will specialize in one subject during the 1st semester of the second year or opt to obtain a general degree.

Mr. Thushara also stated that students will have to conduct compulsory research from the 2nd semester of the second year. The research is a compulsory component of the programme in order to deliver a comprehensive programme to the students. He further mentioned that the Faculty has established a good research system with continuous monitoring to support the students to meet the deadline. The Faculty also conducts workshops and training programs to give the students information on various research and analitical practices.

The students will be evaluated based on mid-term examinations, assignments, presentations and case studies based on their own business organizations, which will contribute about 50% to their overall grades along with the results of their final examination.

The students will be taught by a carefully selected lecture panel consisting of both academia and industry experts. Most of the lecturers have obtained their PhD’s from internationally reputed universities or are Chartered accountants or CIMA or CMA certified accountants.

The Faculty is also the pioneer in introducing the Learning Management System (LMS) within the university. The students can access the LMS anywhere and download missed lecture notes, submit assignments, contact lecturers and their peers and even take some examinations online.

The Coordinator of the programme, Mr. Thushara stated that the Faculty is currently accepting applications for the 9th batch, which will commence in August, this year. The deadline for application submission is 10th June, 2015. For more details please call 0115752389, 0112903512 or 0773753278 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Website: www.kln.ac.lk/fcms/MBA/

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