Of the 296,812 candidates who sat for more than 5 subjects at the 2017 GCE Ordinary Level Exam, 216,815, nearly 74%, qualified for the Advanced Level (AL), an improvement of about 4% over the previous year, according to the results released this week. Furthermore, 9,960 candidates secured 'A's in all their subjects, compared with 8,224 candidates in 2016.

The number of candidates who failed in all subjects too, dropped from 8,900 in 2016 to 7308 in 2017, the said.

Provincial analysis of the results indicates that Southern Province fared best, as 26,826 of the 34,994 who sat for the examination, or 76.66% qualified for the ALs. Even the number of those who failed in all subjects too was low here, at 1.86% of all who sat for the exam.

Between 79%- 70% of candidates in the Western, North Western, Central, North Central and Sabaragamuwa Provinces too qualified for the ALs, while in the Uva, Eastern and Northern Provinces ( NP), the percentage which qualified was slightly lower, with the NP the lowest with around 66%.

District wise Hambantota had the highest number of candidates qualifying for the ALs with over 80%, followed by Matara 80.03%, Galle 78.58% and Colombo 78.29%. The Districts at the bottom end are Kilinochchi 57.17%, Mullaitivu 61.46%, Trincomalee 63.61% and Batticaloa 65.5%.

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